Tradeshow Booth Design

I made something that actually exists!

I was commissioned to make a flashier trade show booth for a company’s upcoming conference. I assumed I was capable of this task, even though I had only really used Pixelmator [read: close enough to Photoshop] for cropping images of my 3D models. Before this, I didn’t have a good sense of what this sort of professional, time-pressured work was like. My mistakes could have cost the company more than I was to be paid for doing the job, which is vexing. There was also, in a sense, “wasted” work, as the banners I made (which came out well, IMHO) were not used. I gleaned from this the value and utility of a time-over-efficiency but not a time-over-quality mentality. Additionally, there’s a 20-foot long booth with my design printed on it somewhere, which is cool.