635 Lindsay Road

My grandfather built his first house. I should clarify, he and a few friends, some timber, and some stone, and out of that, he constructed a house. As of 2014-2015, I had been living with him a significant amount of time, and he was typically enthralled by all the flashy 3D tech stuff I do. He paid me to do a few CAD jobs (parking lot diagrams, even office spaces), and he saw what was possible with CAD.

We dug out some very old papers. They were yellowed, and rolled up in cylinders. Faint lines of ink, coffee stains, markup done in pencil. They were the original blueprints which he drafted for his house.

And so I got to work.

A week or so later, I showed him the house he built. It didn’t move him to tears, (I think I was close), but it must have been a very powerful moment for him. Below are some renderings. When I have time, I’ll scan one of the photos he has of the house from way back when, and attach it here.

Edit: stroucki from cclub snapped a picture of the original! It’s at the bottom of the page.

635 Lindsay Back

635 Lindsay Kitchen

635 Lindsay Real