Pathways Engine

An Adventure Game engine with an Interactive Fiction inspired twist!

This PathwaysEngine I just released right now is the culmination of my efforts to create a game engine. It has aspects of FPSs, RPGs, and, perhaps uniquely, Text Adventures. Movement and Cameras are controlled by the typical “WASD” & Mouse, but more advanced input is achieved through a text-based command line. The source is written in C#, and targets Unity, a common game development engine. Below is an overview of the namespaces, and some other important information.


The engine is split into a few sub-namespaces of the main PathwaysEngine namespace, each having its own vital function.

  • PathwaysEngine.Adventure : namespace

    One of the largest namespaces in the engine, and with the class hierarchy among Actors, the Parser class and all related text-interface aspects of the engine (it’s namespace alias is intf, short for “Interactive Fiction”).

  • PathwaysEngine.Movement : namespace

    Deals with the mathematical & effect-based subsystems which define how the Player & other Actors move, make sounds, animate, and interact, physically.

  • PathwaysEngine.Libraries : namespace

    This namespace contains very generic library & framework code, external libraries, and other loose ends. Be aware that code in this folder is not necessarily part of the PathwaysEngine, and may not even be in the namespace.

  • PathwaysEngine.Inventory : namespace

    Deals with items, their abilities, and the inventory window UI.

  • PathwaysEngine.Statistics : namespace

    Handles all statistical combat / event interactions, including all manner of powers, abilities, dice rolls, and resistances.

  • PathwaysEngine.Utilities : namespace

    Deals with Everything else. This class contains things suchas user input controls, via the Control class, variouscamera scripts, and misfits from other namespaces.

More to come!