Using C#6.0 in Unity 5

C#6 presents a score of new and delicious syntax sugars, and can be compiled into .NET 2.0-compliant bytecode. This means it has implications for Unity Developers, and the overall health and wellbeing of their code.

Sudoku Reimagined

Sudoku is a great brain teaser, but mental math is boring. Numbers are cool, but who needs them?

Myst Jam! v0.1.3

I participated in a Game Jam! It was so much fun, even though my final product was a mess.


Loading 3D models in and putting them right on this webpage here right now via Three.js. It’s pretty limited in what it can do presently, but hopefully I can add some stuff to allow for better customization.


Hey! This guy is trying to pass off the same project he did two projects ago as some sort of new thing!


This has very little to do with the project assigned, but wow, look at what happens when you click and drag! Three.js is pretty neat. Real lights? UV Maps without giant holes in them? Sign me up.

Synaptic Chaos

Flocking behaviour in neurotransmitters. What more could you ask for?

Random Universe

Space is neat. WebGL is neater. Once in ~20 runs, you will generate a binary star with this program (keep clicking).

A Quiet Solar System

This sketch responds to the ambient volume, and the sun explodes if it’s too loud.


This sketch is inspired by bokeh, which are artifacts that cameras make when they’re not in focus.

CMU.ADV v2.1.0

The CMU Computer Club showed me a text adventure that was on CMU afs for quite a long time1, and I’ve now ported it to TADS3, and you can play it.

  1. Like honestly. Actually 1986 though. 

Rocket Engine v2.1.55

This model is one of my favorites, and as such, I “installed” it as the centerpiece of my favourite building.

Classic Blades of Exile

I’ve made a really epsilon number of commits to this repository, but it’s one of my favorite games ever, technically.

635 Lindsay Road v1.0.2

My grandfather built his first house. I should clarify, he and a few friends, some timber, and some stone, and out of that, he constructed a house. As of 2014-2015, I had been living with him a significant amount of time, and he was typically enthralled by all the flashy 3D tech stuff I do. He paid me to do a few CAD jobs (parking lot diagrams, even office spaces), and he saw what was possible with CAD.


It’s large, industrial, and has a totally slick rocket housed in the center.

Electrophysiology Lab Simulation v1.0.1

Flexible Informatics makes medical software for hospitals, which helps them manage patients, equipment, and the like. One challenge they faced was explaining to customers how their product was intended to interface with hospital hardware.

Mayview Unit 9 v4.2.0

The same grandfather of mine who built his own house tasked me with designing some office space for one of the units in the industrial park. Now, there’s some offices in Pittsburgh, PA whose floor plan look more or less like these images.


Creepy alien, modeled after the sort you’d find aboard the Marathon. This is far and away my first attempt at any sort of character design. The anatomy feels muddy, with details which don’t have any clear purpose.